C&B Golf Accessories
was formed in January 2001 to seek manufacturing and marketing of the Golf Dry Grips and other hand made and enhanced golf accessories.

C&B Golf Accessories was created by two very close friends both of whom recently retired from full-time careers. "C" in C&B was a public servant for 30 years and "B" owned and operated a very successful florist shop. In addition to being in the same bridge club for 20-plus years, three things brought them together to start the business: Sheer excitement and enthusiasm for having created the Golf Dry Grips; the challenge of establishing a business to market it; and a mutual appreciation for the game of golf. In January, 2004, "C" bid farewell to "B" but will continue the business as C & B Golf Accessories in Pinehurst, NC.

C&B Golf Accessories has a smiley-faced logo to hopefully reflect the light-hearted spirit and personalities of the company's founders. Although they take the business very seriously and hope to be successful, they also want to have fun.


5 Starlit Court,
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Phone- 910-528-2820
Fax- 910-255-1014